14 ago. 2011

let's go to the beach

Creo que el amarillo es uno de los colores junto con el naranja que menos visto y no es porque no me gusten, todo lo contrario, es simplemente que me llama más lo azul, blanco, negro, gris, rosa y rojo. Pero he de decir que con el rosa queda genial :3
Me encantan esos shorts que siempre utilizo para ir a la playa o a la piscina, me da mucha rabia no recordar donde los compré :/
Intentaré contestar todos los comentarios lo antes posible, ¡gracias por esas casi 3,900 visitas! :D

I think yellow and orange are the colors I less wear and not because I dislike them, just the opposite, it's I prefer blue, white, black, gray, pink and red when wearing. But I must say that pink with yellow looks great :3
I love the shorts I always use to go to the beach or to the pool, I don't remember where I bought them :/

I will continue to answer all the comments as soon as possible, thank you for those nearly 3,900 hits! :D

14 comentarios:

  1. Loving the pink and yellow combo! Super summery, and it totally put a smile on my face!

  2. yellow... very fashion!
    love your blog! congrat

  3. Pink and yellow is the perfect combination! Such a perfect summery look! :)

    sorelle in style

  4. I love the colours put together, this is a great outfit for the beach and those shorts are wicked!

  5. yellow looks very good on you!
    lovely photos btw :)

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