16 jun. 2012


Sorry for the bad quality (and ugly) pic but I just want to say that it's finally mine!! I've been looking for a loooooong time an earcuff! Do you remember this post? I love them :D 
And also I'm sooooooooooo so happy today because.. I passed!! Now I'm officially on holidays!! Yay, SUMMERTIME.

3 comentarios:

  1. WOW. This cuff is soooo pretty!!
    I really want one too, since I'm to scared to get an actual piercing lol :)
    I'm going to summer vacation in 4 days-ahhh I'm so excited!!

    PS- There's a new outfit post on my blog! Hope you have the time to take a quick look :)

  2. M,e gustaaa! De donde es??????????
    un besoo!


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