4 jul. 2012

Inspiration of July

If you are looking for inspiration the answer is Tumblr. I love all these pics so much, why? I'll tell you why:

1. I'm in love with this kind of white shirt perfect for summer since the first day I saw it on a blog, now I have a similar one that I can't wait to wear! (Take a look in the last post)
2. Loooove the Michael Kors watch! But I also love that skulls bracelet in that blue color... I've said many times, I love that blue color for all types of accessories, always my favorite!
3. I'm addicted to chocolate milkshake.
4. I'm still obsessed with hair cuffs and I bought the same at H&M!
5. Perfect lace shorts, I want!
6. Lovely white bikini from H&M.
7. Another hair cuff from H&M, this is the same I was looking for... but I bought the one of the pic 4.
8. Another of my obsessions, this type of necklaces... aren't they perfect?
9. PARIS! One of my favourite cities I miss so much already... aren't the views of the pic gorgeous? It would be my dream to be there... and to be back again in that AMAZING city.
10. I'm also in love with this bracelet, perfect for summer.


7 comentarios:

  1. Me encanta la primera camsieta!!!!y el reloj de mc!!!!!!!

  2. I love the skull bracelet and that blouse.

  3. Me encantaron todas! :)



  4. Unas compras preciosas, el bikini es una chulada. Besitos

  5. La pulsera de las calaveraaaaas *_* Quiero unaaaa. Muchísimas gracias por pasarte por mi blog. Un besito.


  6. I'm obsessed with pretty much EVERY SINGLE pic you posted. And your right- Tumblr is a great source for inspiration!! I'm getting a lot of inspiration from there for my new room :)
    By the way, that view of Paris is juts... WOW. To sit there and drink tea and look out on one of the most beautiful cities in the world is such a luxury. I miss Paris as well :(
    Great post!

    PS- There's a new post on my blog! I'd love to hear what you think about it :) http://www.fashionfreshman.com/

  7. amazing pics, love the bracelet with the skulls!:)


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