8 oct. 2012

Glitter & gold

I'm in love with both outfits! I need a red shirt like Kenza's one (picture 2) and another military one (or maybe jacket?) like Dulceida (picture 1), they both drive me crrrrrrrrrrazy... aren't they perfect!?
Sorry for not updating so often, I just started the university and I'm very busy :(
Btw, thank you for all the visits!! :)

5 comentarios:

  1. Hello my dear!
    I like first picture! Amazing!

    visit me blog too <333

  2. We´ve just found your blog and we really like it!
    Plaid shirts are a must in our closets... well, technically I stole them from my brother´s closet so I guess their a must in his !!!
    Check out our blog and if you like it may be we can follow?? Let us know!


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