7 nov. 2012

Instagram pics

1. Some banners I did to decorate the walls of my room, do you like them? 2. Hot chocolate from Starbucks. 3. Hot chocolate from Dunkin' Coffee in the middle of Madrid, looove that city. 4. My ticket to see One Direction live next year!

Aw, I missed this a lot. Sorry for not posting as much as before but since I started university I have no time :(
And also I really HATE the new design of blogger, I don't understand it. I had to say that.
I will answer all the comments, promise. Thanks for being there <3

5 comentarios:

  1. Guapaaa!!Donde te metes????????por cierto recuerdas lo que me preguntaste de los gastos de envio???????metete en la pag web de correos:
    y hay vas viendo las tarifas, va dependiendo del peso....
    por cierto, tengo algo muy interesante en mi blog y me gustaria que participases!!!!!!!te apuntas??????puede ser divertido!!:)
    Un besoooooooooo

  2. Me han gustado un montón tus fotos de Instagram guapa! :)
    Un besote!

    Lucia Gallego Blog

  3. Such a nice photos especially the first one! Nice blog :)


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