6 abr. 2013

Three snapshots

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen these three photos. I have always wanted to have a bag like the Satchel ones and here it is, it's obviously fake but it's so similar. I really like the colour and I think it's perfect for summer!
I also did my nails with a white nail polish and that blue two-way nail art pen from Claire's I showed you some days ago and I liked the result. Aaaand last but not least, that Chanel t-shirt is a DIY I have just done. As I said in other posts, I love YSL, Chanel, Céline Paris and Boy London t-shirts and that's the reason I have tried to do my own t-shirt at home with one of those logos. I have to say that this is not going to be the last one DIY I do because I'm in love with it... I already want to do another one with the YSL logo, I'll see!

7 comentarios:

  1. That nails looks nice, I like it. Have a great weekend.


  2. Love this snapshots and thank u for your visit!!


  3. the pink satchel bag is super adorable, would look amazing with a summer outfit<33

    lots of love xx

  4. Love the nails :)
    Maybe we could follow each other?
    Let me know. www.alittlelovable.blogspot.nl

    see you xx

  5. Love the t-shirt and the Satchel bag!!

    Your blog is incredible, we follow u:)

    We've got a new post, hope u like it:



  6. cute ! love your blog! if you also like mine, maybe we could follow eachother on bloglovin?

    let me know




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