24 jun. 2013


1. Two new lipsticks from Astor 2. Striped dress from H&M, bought it last year 3. New necklace I show you some days ago 
4. Lovely combination, mint and pink colour on my nails 5. Another new necklace I love! 
6. Photo from two or three years ago, love that red dress 7. Outfit from some weeks ago, neon pink colour for life! 
8. Nude wedges from last summer from Sheinside 9. My favourite rings from H&M

Yaaaaaaay! I'm already on holidays and it's summertime... I cannot be happier! 
Since I have nothing to do (oh gosh, it sounds so good to say that! Finally freedom) I already have some ideas for the next posts, a new design for the blog and stuff. Hope you have an awesome day!

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8 comentarios:

  1. tienes un blog geniaaal, me encanta. No lo conociaa y esta geniaaal ;) Conoces mi blog??? Pasate y me cuentas :) Besoooos y espero que te guste


  2. Lindas fotos no las había visto todas en instagram. Cariños

  3. Lovely shots! Do post more pictures of the hot, new summer trends and styles.

  4. So cute!


  5. Followed you back! would love to hear from you every now and then, I'll be checking out your page anyway <3


  6. Lovely photos, great colors! Thanks for the comments a bit back, I am now following you via GFC and Bloglovin!

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