29 jun. 2013

June favourites


Today is time for a post full of products and things I have been loving recently. The first one is that black eyeshadow from Essence, it has nothing in particular, just another black eyeshadow but I do have a lot of products from Essence and what I like the most about them is their quality since they are very cheap, I think they are worth it. The same with the smokey eyes brush and the eyeliner pen from Essence, I'm pretty happy with both products.
Another one I love is the Rimmel London waterproof eye definer, it is just amazing. I'm not an expert in makeup but I like it because it stays in place perfectly and because its retractable fine tip.
That mint nail polish is from Astor, I really like that colour especially for summer. Both lipsticks are from Astor as well and they are the Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter (the ones from the new Heidi Klum commercial, have you seen it?). What I love the most about them is that they stay in place all day long, they are in eight different colours and they are lipstick, lipbalm and lipgloss all at the same time.
I have also been obsessed with that hair cuff from H&M for ages and with that body milk from Adolfo Domínguez, it smells like heeeeaven, I love it!

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7 comentarios:

  1. The mint green nail polish is the prettiest shade, love the lip colours too.

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