27 oct. 2013

Story of my life

If there is something I love is making wish lists. This is everything I'm loving at the moment... I don't have many brushes (I actually don't wear make up on a daily basis) but if I have to buy ones they will be the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, plus they are such a bargain on iHerb. I'm also thinking about getting those Lauren Conrad's books for Christmas because I have heard really good things about them. This time of the year is everything about sweaters and sweatshirts (or at least to me) and yep, once again I'm thinking about getting some. Last but not least, an onesie. I have been wanting one since last year... they have to be so comfyyyyyy.

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5 comentarios:

  1. I need a good set of makeup brushed like these and the sweater is so cute and cozy.

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  3. I love it.


  4. I like the onesie.


  5. Also my wishlist! :) Well, would you like to follow each other on GFC and G+? :)



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